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Typical program lengths appear along with the program titles. All programs and seminars can be customized in program length and content to meet client needs.
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How to Clear the Clutter and Gain Focus
One half day

Is your focus lost several times a day because you are looking for things? Every minute of time spent looking for things takes you away from your business. Time Strategies will give you the tools necessary to clear the clutter, improve workflow, and gain focus.

Secrets of Organizing Your Work Space

One half day

Your work space is the control center of your business. Learn the best ways to set up and manage your work space and technical tools for greater productivity.

Styles of Managing Paper and Time

One half day

Does the mere thought of clearing your paper piles send shivers down your spine? Are you constantly late for appointments? Putting a face and name to your habits can help you tune in and change for long term results.

Break the Procrastination Habit

One half day

Can't seem to get to the project sitting on your Action List? People procrastinate for many reasons. Learn how to cut through the excuses and get things done.

From Frenzy to Flowing

One day

Ever wonder if you can slow the pace of your life? Learn how to say "No" and put your priorities in order. In this all day workshop you'll examine the various roles you play in your life and explore ways to put balance back in your life.